The "big white dog at the back" is Zephyr who joined us from Jack & Sarah's kennel after they used Brew at stud on Pepper, their import from the Deercreek Kennel in the USA, in 2013.


Zephyr (Zeph when he isn’t being naughty) is a powerhouse of a young dog who generally runs at his best in wheel. Off the trail, Zeph is very much a person dog. He adores snuggles and one-on-one attention with his human which even stretches to grooming, teeth cleaning and baths! Zeph has an enormous appetite but burns off every calorie as he rarely is still.


Still a puppy really at two and a half, he is vocal, extremely pushy and attention seeking but very loving. We are working on developing good manners by trying some obediance training.

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