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Summer 2017

By mysticcharoite, Jul 28 2017 01:35PM

Summer isn't really our favourite time of the year. For a start, it means mornings get earlier and earlier so we can get the dogs out for a run, even if it's only a very short one.

Keeping going through the warmer months has been really important this year as we've had Rogue's puppies to get started. Remember, we kept Robin, Wren, Kite, Harper, Cookie and Quinn. We also get to see Violet every weekend so it's been an amazing experience, watching these youngsters transform from fun pups into promising young sled dogs.

Some of the pups have also had a little go at the showing thing. Our lines make for extremely raw pups so they will only get a taste of it (mostly for something different for them to do) and they won't be out again until they are much more mature. Robin, Kite and Violet all had a turn in the ring and all three of them qualified for Crufts 2018 (although they probably won't go to such a big noisy place so young). These pups are terrible coat munchers so the other three look a bit moth eaten so will get their chance another time!

Their Uncle Spook also went to two shows this summer - Three Counties and East of England. He took the dog CC at both (bringing this clever boy up to five CCs), and went BOB at East of England.

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