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Raven is the offspring of the phenomenal Alaskan's Oksana of Anadyr and Zima Grey Fure of Lara-Ke. She is quite a petite dog, with an enormous personality. 10 years old in a few months, Raven is scarily intelligent, strong willed with a long, long memory. This doesn't always make her a great lead dog as she is often convinced she knows best and will remember trails or avoid hazards from seasons past! Genetically, she's all Alaskan (the country, not the breed) and her single mindedness and intelligence would probably be a great asset on dangerous trails. We don't have much overflow or many frozen rivers here, so mostly she runs in swing or wheel as running through forests at great speed doesn't give you much opportunity to debate with your lead dog where you want to go!


Raven is mum to Spook, Hex, Rogue and Millie - she loves Spook more than anything in the world although she can take or leave her daughters. She has always been far too naughty to do much in the show ring although she has her stud book number.