Spook and Hex were born in 2010 out of Raven (Zima Chilkat of Charoite) and by Brew (Ch Charoite Witch's Brew). This brother and sister were awesome sled dogs from the outset, joining their dad and Uncle Pye in their first season to smash the four dog course record at Aviemore and bringing home the fastest time of the event award. We were so impressed, we repeated the mating two years later and kept the phenomenal "turbo twins" Rogue and Millie.


All four are hard driving, focussed sled dogs. Only Hex has the slightest interest in the wildlife, the others never notice anything on the trail - whether it's a squirrel or a dog walker - which makes them a joy to run in lead. Lightly shown, Spook is a UK Champion with five CCs and one RCC and has been Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain Dual Champion for the past two years. Rogue and Hexie have their stud book numbers.


As well as all being phenomenal athletes, they are lovely, easy going dogs to live with.



Spook Hexie Rogue Millie Capture Capture11