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These boys changed everything I thought I knew about sled dogs. Hard driving, faultless leaders, they took to working in harness from the get-go. They learned their turns from going out as a two dog in every courtesy class during the BSHRA season they sat through as puppies counting the months until they were a year old and could race. Aged eight, they will both still take apart a van cage if they have to wait too long at training. Screaming hysterically and biting the mesh is probably their only shortcoming and both have slightly damaged teeth, not to mention the many destroyed leads and harnesses that Pye (the dog with the extendable legs and prehensile paws) has managed to hook and drag into his crate with him to occupy the time while he's waiting.


As well as too many achievements to even start to list on the race trail, they have both done very well in the conformation show ring. Brew is a UK show champion and Pyewacket has one CC and two RCCs.


Brew is the sire of Hex, Spook, Rogue, Millie and Zeph. He has clear eyes and a hip score of 0:0.