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Our oldies still love coming to races with us - although for them it's all about the socialising, walks and eating!

The Retirement Village



tinks Tiger Beany


Inca or Tinks


Domino or Super Dom to everyone who met him was a remarkable dog. Kev's Springer Spaniel who could show the huskies a thing or two about being a sled dog. He was the dog whose tail never stopped wagging; who lived his life to the full, jumped in every puddle possible and loved his dad to the end.


He is an honorary member of the eternal sled dog team and I hope they have a warm jacket for him up in the Northern Sky.

domino Kody

Kody (Aceca's Black Hills of Dakota) went to the Bridge aged 13 and a half. I'm sure she's found herself a nice bush to hide under and watch all the other lovely, eternal huskies play in the Bright Northern Sky.

Follytails Ice Queen 30-07-2002 to 07-04-2017.


The werewolf has left the kitchen....Although small in stature, her presence was vast and I don't think she will ever feel far away from me.


My first Siberian. If she had been easier as a youngster then I probably would never have gone down the route I have so I have a lot to thank her wildness and her willfulness for.


In spite of growing frail recently, she had an adventurous last few months, with a seaside holiday, puppies to savage and a trip to Scotland where she led us a merry dance refusing to get back in the van. Not to mention continuing to tell everyone who wanted to go through the kitchen, "You shall not pass."


I'll always love you, my little sweetheart, and have a heart full of amazing memories. ...


Beany (Aceca's Witchy Woman of Charoite) joined the eternal sled dog team this summer aged 14. The sheer joy she  brought me for 14 years far outweighs my tears and I know she will never be very far away from me and her kids, grandkids and great-grandkids. One of the last things she did was manage to get herself down to the dog run and she stood for a while and looked at her legacy as if to say, "Yes, I did good."


And you did, Sweetheart.

The ones we will never forget