We love kit and all the other stuff that helps our dogs to be the best they can. Here are some of the things we use.

Mystic name Mystic

We race and train on Mystic Rigs.


Sorry, but Mystic Rigs are currently not in production

Zero DC Harnesses

Our dogs run in Euro Long (also known as Faster) harnesses made by Zero DC.


During development, Zero wanted to achieve a perfect fit for a harness that lay close to the body, achieved maximum traction force spread across the width of the chest and shoulders while still allowing free movement of the legs and the back of the animal.


The basis for the new construction were tactical support systems, tactical vests and construction of various types of equipment enabling the transmission or movement of loads. The result is a contemporary harness that after testing in high-level competitions fulfills all the conditions for the distribution of the maximum tensile force, does not slip, allowing free movement of the back and had no contact with the neck of the dog and enables free breathing.


The harnesses are available direct from the manufacturers and can be made to measure. If you want to buy these harnesses from within the UK we recommend you speak to the lovely people at the Snopaw Store.





pretty harnesses

The food of Champions

Our dogs are fuelled by Alpha High Performance kibble, coupled with fresh meat and fish.


Their performance and condition speaks for itself! Just look at the results and what show judges have to say about our dogs' condition and muscle.

4 boys Chris Wellstead

Willow's Leads


Willow's Leads produce great value, bespoke collars and leads that are tried and tested on hard working dogs.


The leads come in whatever length suits you best to get dragged by your dogs to the start line!

start line Capture

Aptus - Apto-Flex and Apto Sport-X

We're delighted to welcome Aptus to our team who will be supporting our senior athletes with joint supplement Apto Flex and the rest of the gang with their sports drink Apto Sport-X.


We trialled Apto-Flex over the summer with Brew who was still recovering from his tendon injury last winter (don't jump off tables, Brew, please) and have been delighted with how this amazing 9 year old has returned to training. He will be running on a team this year consisting of 2 of his kids and a grandkid!

Indigo Collar Tags

Identification is vital and a legal requirement. Traditional tags jangle, get lost easily and - in my case - nearly caused me to lose a dog when I accidentally clipped his lead onto the tiny o ring. I now use Indigo collar tags. There are two types. One is detachable and can fit on almost any collar, the other can be slid onto the collar during manufacture (Thank you, Sarah, of Willows Leads) and can't be lost. The tags fit on plenty of information and have a wear and tear guarantee.

Brew collar tag