Not sisters but as close as. They were born within days of each other at the Azgard kennel and went to live with Kev as puppies.  Two very different dogs. Chena is a stunningly built Siberian who sometimes lives in her own strange little world. They will be 8 years old this autumn and Chena has certainly come into her own with maturity. When she wants to be, she is amongst the quickest of our dogs and ran during parts of last season on Kev's gold medal winning 3 dog all bitch team, and Mel's silver medal 4 dog team. Chena is a mix of Alaskan Anadyr  and Karen Ramstead's North Wapiti lines.


Zala is the pocket rocket with the drive and intelligence of a whole team packed into a tiny package. She loves to run and is usually the dog in the air at the start line. She is also a contender for the title of World's cutest dog who loves to retrieve things. Zala is related to Pye, Brew and the Brew kids by way of her grandfather Ch Kefeus Tigalda Tsilga at Azgard.

Chena Zala Capture20 Capture11