"Life with us is fun, exhilarating and sometimes frustrating.


We are a challenging breed and certainly not the right dog for everyone. A lot of people are drawn to our stunning looks but we're so much more than a pretty face. We're athletes, magicians, acrobats, opera singers, demolition experts and the joyful slayers of mice, frogs and birdies.


We will trash your garden, empty your bank account and steal your heart."

Mystic Charoite Racing is made up of two small kennels, Mystic Energy and Charoite Siberians. We work their dogs throughout the year and race during the winter months. Our dogs are loved companions (first and foremost) as well as athletes. The dogs run in harness for as long as they are happy doing it in matched ability teams and then continue to enjoy the rest of their life with us having long walks on the flexi-lead and lots of play and loves.

Find out about the hardwear we use to help our dogs do what they do.

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With one eye on the far horizon and our noses in the air, searching for the smell of winter, sled dogs are like no other dog.

No snow? No problem. Our ancestors pulled sleds for centuries & we've not forgotten our heritage. We're  born to run. We just do it a little bit differently.

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